Saturday, August 4, 2012

Free Fun

Friday night Chris and I had made some plans with Brain and Tonya.

(they are seminary friends who actually just moved off campus onto the national guard base in New Orleans)

Originally our plans were to just go over to their place and grill chicken and play some cards.

I know, playing cards, 
sounds like something some ol' folks would do,

but Chris and I love it:)

Anyways our plans changed because Brian was able to get us all some free concert tickets through the national guard to see Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney! 

First time for Chris and I to be inside the SuperDome!

It was awesome!

We were way up there
sitting in the top level,

but who cares when it is free!!!

Pretty much all of my pictures look like this.

The stage lighting didn't work well with my iphone.

Jake Owen started off the night and he did great!

 Tim McGraw was awesome!

He sang great and was overall very entertaining.

He is a Louisiana boy
and during his performance he was interrupted for him to be admitted into the Louisiana music hall of fame!

I must also add, that he was wearing the tightest jeans I believe I have ever seen any one person wear in my life! 

This is Tonya. She is such a sweet friend! 

After Tim sang, Kenny came flying out and he was no where as good as Tim!

We only stayed to watch about 3 of Kenny's songs and he was already major out of breath!

He didn't sound good singing at all!

Brain was very proud!
He actually found some money on the ground as we came into the dome:)
So he earned money by going to this concert!

Thanks Brian and Tonya for taking us with yall!
We are very proud to have such loving friends who have made so many sacrifices for our county!


  1. OK 3 things:
    1. You are looking GORGEOUS in those concert pics.
    2. I can't believe we met Brian and Tonya at church last night... NOLA must be smaller than we thought.
    3. Your blog design looks amazing for real!

    1. I love that you commented on my bloggie! A lot of my family/friends say that they can't figure out how to comment, so it was making me wonder if something was wrong with it.

      I can't believe yall meet Brian and Tonya either! Too funny:)